Putin Visit China / Took with one hand and gave with the other, did China's trick work on Putin?

Zoom News : May 16, 2024, 09:39 PM
Putin Visit China: Putin-Jinping's meeting in China was very special. This was a meeting on which the whole world was watching. Speculations were being made that this meeting might change the geography of the world. Russian President Vladimir Putin himself also knew what the world was afraid of. That is why, immediately after the meeting, Putin dismissed all apprehensions and made it clear that this friendship between Moscow and Beijing is not a threat to other countries.

By making this statement during his state visit to China, Putin tried to convey the message that he had no hidden agenda behind his meeting with Chinese President Jinping. However, what he said regarding the Asia Pacific region made it clear that Putin is either deeply influenced by Jinping or he has fallen into the trap in which the Dragon has trapped many countries.

Give one hand - take the other hand

China had recently supported Russia regarding Ukraine. China had also given a 12-point peace proposal, in which the interests of Russia were especially taken into account. Defense experts were continuously believing that China's peace proposal and supporting Russia could be a new move of the Dragon, now it became clear after Putin's statement on Thursday. In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin, after meeting Jinping, said that the Asia-Pacific region should be free from military alliances (NATO). He said that it is clear in the talks between Moscow and Beijing that both the powers are adopting an independent foreign policy, so that there can be sustainable peace in the Asia Pacific region.

In a way, with this statement Putin tried to give a message to America and other NATO countries that he is with China in Asia and the Pacific region. Putin said that China wants permanent peace in this region, but perhaps he does not know that China wants to establish its dominance in the Asia Pacific region, this has been visible from time to time.

How did China move?

China very beautifully thwarted America's ambitions to interfere in the Asia Pacific region. For this, China first supported Russia regarding Ukraine and in return Putin sought support in the Asia Pacific region. In this way, without any effort, China instead of standing up to America and NATO, made Putin stand up in this area. Of course, Putin feels that he has an advantage in this, although China has created this entire game for itself. Former diplomat Deepak Vohra says that China is continuously helping Russia, even if it is not providing arms directly, but is providing necessary components. America has been continuously imposing sanctions on Russia and China. Seen this way, both countries are suffering from America. That is why both are now ready to come together and fight America.

America wants to bring NATO to Asia Pacific region

Putin has repaid the Dragon's favor by supporting China in the Asia Pacific region, but now the problem is for America which wants to expand NATO in Asia. In fact, America and its allies want that China's activities in Asia and the Pacific region should be controlled. China is apprehensive about this, so for the last several days it was trying to spread the narrative that America is making a strategy to dominate Asia after Europe. In the recent NATO meeting held in Luthiana, there was discussion on stopping China.

NATO has tried

After Putin's statement, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said that the US-led military alliance has no plans to expand in Asia. Of course it sees China as a rival and will keep an eye on developments in the region. NATO has also announced that it will build closer relations with Indo Pacific partners. America has also entered into separate treaty alliances with Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines and Australia.

Jinping warned

Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned that the block politics seen during the Cold War is a serious threat to global security. Gaza and Ukraine are the result of this. After meeting Putin, Xi said that in the world, there is still a Cold War mentality, one-sided hegemony, factional conflict and power politics have become a threat to the entire world. He advocated an immediate end to the hostilities between Israel and Palestine. Jinping also said that the friendship between Moscow and Beijing is the union of two powers and is characterized by mutual respect, trust and friendship.