Business / Twitter Verification Blue Tick Charges Elon Musk told

Zoom News : Nov 01, 2022, 05:29 PM
Business | Billionaire businessman Elon Musk has been making many changes since he bought Twitter. However, in his first week as the owner of the social media platform, he has to face many big hurdles. Many questions have also started to arise. Meanwhile, a discussion is going on fast on social media whether users will have to pay monthly charges for blue ticks on Twitter. Now Elon Musk himself has commented on this. He has indicated how much money users may have to spend. However, no official announcement has been made yet.

Actually, an author named Stephen King tweeted about the blue tick, to which Musk replied. Stephen wrote, "Have to pay $ 20 a month to keep Blue Tick? ****, they (Twitter) should give me money. If this is true, I will leave like Enron." Elon Musk replied to this tweet by Stephen. He wrote, "We also have to pay our bills. Twitter can't just rely on advertisers. $8 is the right amount?

What did the co-founder of Ku say?

There has been a lot of speculation ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter. Similarly, Koo's co-founder Apmeya Radhakrishnan has reacted to the speculations regarding Blue Tick. He said, “Ku will not charge Rs 1600 per month for the verification badge.” Also, he appealed to switch to the Ku app. It is known that the Ku app is also a social media platform like Twitter, which was started only a few years ago.

Board of directors dissolved

At the same time, according to information given by the company to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, the new owner of Twitter has dissolved the board of directors and made himself the sole member of the board. Musk later said on Twitter that the new board arrangement was temporary, but did not provide any details. He is also exploring the possibility of payment-based 'verification' for users. Meanwhile, concerns are also being raised about Twitter's new investors and the possibility of large-scale layoffs in the company. Musk has added Indian-origin technology executive Sriram Krishnan to his team. Krishnan tweeted that he is temporarily helping Musk for Twitter along with a few others. "I believe this is a very important company and can have a profound impact on the world, and the person behind it is Allen," he said.