Special / Uber driver was asleep wrote such thing on the chat screenshot viral

Zoom News : Jan 30, 2023, 12:49 PM
Uber Cab Driver Story: Do you also try to find out where your driver is after booking a cab? If the call does not go through or instead of calling, the driver tells his location and the time it will take him to reach. However, some drivers use message chat to cancel cabs. A screenshot is going viral on social media which will make you laugh. The driver canceled the ride just because he was extremely sleepy. He also mentioned this in his chat.

such thing written on cab driver chat

Riders in India often face the problem of ride cancellations and long wait times. People send messages to cab drivers to confirm if they are still ready for a ride. The cab driver's conversation is going viral on Twitter because of the driver's honest answer. On Thursday, a Twitter user named Aashi (@ashimhta) tweeted a screenshot of her conversation with the app-cab driver. In the screenshot going viral, the driver named Bharat asks Aashi to cancel the ride as he is feeling sleepy. Sharing this screenshot, Ashi wrote: "Tired after running around in Bangalore all day."

Many people gave their reaction after seeing the tweet

This tweet got more than four thousand likes. Many people in the comments appreciated the honesty of the driver. A Twitter user wrote on the post, “That person showed honesty and told everything as it was. An accident could also happen while driving in sleep. In such a situation, he did a good job at his place." Another user told his incident and said, "A driver accepted the ride and did not move from his place for 5 minutes. I called him and asked and he said I was waiting for your call."