Viral News / Vehicles will not run on Petrol-Diesel but on 100% Ethanol in the country! Piyush Goyal told the plan of the government

Zoom News : Jul 18, 2021, 10:37 AM
New Delhi: Ethanol blending petrol: The government has come up with a new option for the increasing prices of petrol-diesel. Union Minister Piyush Goyal told the government's plan that the target of ethanol blending has been kept at 20 percent by 2023-24. The government aims to drive on 100% ethanol. Goyal said that the demand for battery technology will increase in the coming few days. The battery industry will also grow due to more development in the renewable sector.

Self-reliant India in the field of renewable energy

Piyush Goyal said, “Our aim is to become self-reliant in the field of renewable energy. We will develop such technology, with the help of which vehicles will run on 100% ethanol instead of petrol. It is an appeal to those who have an electric car that they should recharge their car with the help of solar energy or renewable energy only. For this, infrastructure of charging station will be prepared on a large scale in future.

175 GW target by 2022

Piyush Goyal said that the target of renewable energy has been kept at 175 GW by the financial year 2022, while the target of renewable energy is 450 GW by 2030. ) had reduced the target of 20% ethanol mixing from 2030 to 2025.

How much is ethanol blending currently

Let us tell you that earlier the target of ethanol blending was kept at 10% by 2022 and 20% by 2030. But now this target has been extended. At present, about 8.5% ethanol is mixed with petrol in the country. In 2014, it was only between 1-1.5 per cent.

India among top five in renewable energy

In the midst of rising fuel prices, India is now very conscious about the use of renewable energy and it has also seen a 250% increase in the last few years. Let us tell you that India is among the top five countries in the world where renewable energy is being used the most. Not only this, India is also included in the top-10 countries in the environment-conscious India 'Climate Change Performance Index'. Actually, to keep the environment safe, India is striving in the direction of both economy and ecology.