Trending / Viral angry Pakistani cricket fan featured in world's first meme museum, shares pic

Zoom News : Aug 01, 2021, 03:26 PM
Hong Kong: The Pakistan cricket fan Muhammad Sarim Akhtar must still be fresh in your memories, whose disappointed look during the Pakistan vs Australia World Cup match had gone viral on social media in 2019. The Pakistan fan's iconic expression has now been displayed at the World's first Meme Museum in Hong Kong.

The news was shared by London-based Muhammad Sarim Akhtar himself who took to Twitter on Sunday to reveal that his iconic expression from 2019 had been featured at the Hong Kong Museum of Memes. The elated fan shared a video of the 9GAG Meme Exhibition at K11 Art Mall, saying that his sister had found his face in the video at 0.37 seconds. Muhammad Sarim Akhtar first became a viral interest sensation in 2019 when his epic reaction from a Pakistan Vs Australia World Cup game at Taunton went viral.

Why is the Pakistan fan meme so famous?

Sarim Akhtar’s ‘disappointed’ expression became the face of ‘Angry Pakistani Fan’ memes after he was caught on camera by television broadcasters during the 2019 match. With Pakistan failing to hit back against Australia's batting line-up, the disappointed Pakistani fan's annoyed look resonated with netizens. After the still from the match went viral, 'angry Pakistan fan memes' began doing rounds on social media, prompting hilarious reactions. 

Sarim Akhtar, who stays in London, later explained the story behind his iconic expression in an ICC interview. The Pakistan cricket fan said that he was unhappy after his team dropped a catch on the field. His amusing expression continues to be used to date. Akhtar himself has earned cult-following online, through courtesy of his unforgettable expression.