Smart Phone / What is the difference between rebooting and restarting a smartphone? 99% people are unaware of this

Zoom News : Nov 03, 2023, 11:00 AM
Smart Phone: Today smartphone has become an important part of our life. Many daily routine tasks have become dependent on smartphones today. Smartphone use has increased manifold since the lockdown. Many people know about the smallest features of the smartphone but there are many people who do not even know its basic features.

Whenever the smartphone hangs, most of the times you must have heard people saying to restart it once or reboot it. Most smartphone users consider restart and reboot to be the same but it is not so. People use them but do not understand their difference. Do you understand the difference between restarting and rebooting? If you also do not know then no problem, we are going to give you information about it today.

What is rebooting the phone?

Rebooting any smartphone activates its hardware from non-functional state to functional state. Reboot is mostly done in the condition when the smartphone is not working or any app is not responding. By rebooting, the smartphone returns to its old condition and all its functions start working as before.

Meaning of restarting the smartphone

Restarting a smartphone means switching it off and then switching it on. The smartphone is restarted when any software is updated or installed. Let us tell you that rebooting the device is a faster process than restarting. In reboot, work is done on the software of the smartphone, while on the other hand, in restart setting, work is done on the hardware of the smartphone.