Lok Sabha Election / When the Election Commission announced the dates, Prime Minister Modi tweeted - We are ready

Zoom News : Mar 16, 2024, 06:15 PM
Lok Sabha Election: The Election Commission has announced the dates of Lok Sabha elections on Saturday. This time, elections for the Lok Sabha will be held in seven phases in the country, the first phase of voting will be held on April 19, while the counting of votes will take place on June 4. After the Election Commission's announcement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tweeted and said that we are fully prepared for the elections. PM wrote in his tweet- "The biggest festival of democracy has started. The Election Commission has announced the dates of 2024 Lok Sabha elections. BJP-NDA is fully prepared to contest these elections. Good Governance And on the basis of our track record of public service, we will go among the people. I have full confidence that we will get full affection and blessings of 140 crore family members and more than 96 crore voters for the third consecutive time."

Earlier, PM Modi made a scathing attack on the opposition by tweeting. The PM wrote that when we took over the reins of the country 10 years ago, the country and its people were suffering from the misgovernance of the Indi Alliance. There was no sector left untouched by scams and policy paralysis. The country was in the depths of despair and the world had also stopped trusting India. We brought the country out of that situation and today India is progressing rapidly.

With the power and potential of 140 crore countrymen, our country is creating new records of development every day. Today we have become the fifth largest economy in the world, and crores of Indians have come out of poverty. The schemes of our government have reached every corner of the country and every section of the society. We have worked to reach 100 per cent of the countrymen and the results are in front of us.

Today every Indian is realizing how much an honest, determined and strong-willed government can do. That is why the expectations of every countryman from our government have also increased. That is why today one voice is being heard from every corner of India and from every section of the society – This time, cross 400!

Today the opposition neither has any issue nor any direction. They have only one agenda left – abusing us and doing vote bank politics. The public is now rejecting their family mentality and conspiracies to divide the society. He is unable to make eye contact with the people due to his track record of corruption. The public will never accept such people.

We have a lot of work to do for the country in our third term. Our last 10 years have also been spent in filling the deep gap which was created by those who ruled for decades. In these 10 years, the countrymen have gained confidence that our India can also become prosperous and self-reliant. Our next term will pave the way for the accomplishment of these resolutions.

I can clearly see that the coming 5 years will be the period of our collective resolve in which we will prepare the roadmap for India's development journey of the next one thousand years. This time will witness India's all-round development, inclusive prosperity and global leadership.

I get immense strength from the blessings of my countrymen, especially the poor, farmers, youth and women power. When my countrymen say – “I am Modi's family”, it encourages me to work harder for building a developed India. We will make collective efforts for a developed India and will achieve this goal. This is the time, this is the right time!