Special / Who was the first bride on earth, how did the tradition of marriage start? got answer

Zoom News : Feb 17, 2023, 07:07 PM
Interesting Marriage Stories: These days the wedding season is going on in the country. You would often get to hear the sound of bands. In Hinduism, the marriage relationship is considered very sacred. During this, the bride and groom become each other by performing various rituals. Have you ever wondered who got married for the first time on earth? Where did this tradition start? Today we will tell you who were those two people who got married for the first time on earth.

first couple on earth

According to the mythological beliefs of Hinduism, during the creation of the universe, Brahma ji cut his body into two pieces, out of which one piece was called 'Ka' and the other was called 'Ya'. Together these two made 'Kaaya' and from this Kaaya the male and female elements were born. The male element that is talked about here was named as Swayambhu Manu and the female element that was born was called Shatrupa. In Hinduism, Manu and Shatrupa are considered to be the first humans of the earth. When these two came face to face on earth, then the worldly and family knowledge received from Lord Brahma gave them the direction to enter married life. According to the scriptures of Hindu religion, the first couple on this earth were Manu and Shatrupa.

who made the rules of marriage

On the other hand, some people believe that the marriage was started by Svet Rishi. Shvet Rishi had established the tradition of marriage, rules, dignity, importance, vermilion, mangalsutra, seven rounds including all the things. Husband and wife have been given equal status after marriage in the rules made by White Rishi.