Politics News / 'Whoever tries to convert, cut his neck'- BJP MLA Rikesh Sen

Vikrant Shekhawat : Apr 28, 2024, 04:10 PM
Politics News: BJP MLA from Vaishali Nagar assembly of Durg district, Rikesh Sen, is being trolled because of his controversial statement. In a program, he talked about sacrificing his life to protect Hindutva, but also said that whoever tries to convert the country within the country, his neck will be cut. His video with such controversial and inflammatory speech is going viral on social media.

While addressing the people from the stage, Rikesh said, “To protect our Sanatan Dharma, to protect our Hindutva, if you have to sacrifice your life, then sacrifice your life, but never let the religion change. Anyone who tries to bring about religious conversion in this country should be beheaded.” He said that if there is any city in this state which can be built to advance Hindutva and Sanatan Dharma, then it is Durg city.

What did the MLA say?

MLA Rikesh Sen had arrived as the chief guest in the grand procession and Maha Aarti of Shri Hanuman Janmotsav organized by Hindu Yuva Manch on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti at Patel Chowk in Durg. He turned the Dharma Sabha organized here into an election rally by appealing to bring back Narendra Modi and BJP. At the same time, he gave a speech spreading religious frenzy in Bhilai, the fort rich in all religions and cultures. During this time, he compared Goddess Lakshmi to a lotus flower and also talked about bringing a lotus.

Congress expressed objection

Congress leader Sachin Pilot, in-charge of Chhattisgarh affairs, said on the statement of Rickesh Sen that the Election Commission should take cognizance of the statement. Pilot said, making statements like this on religion, caste and community is not going to establish a good tradition of healthy democracy. Instead of such comments, issues should be discussed and there should be talk about employment, fertiliser, oil and electricity. ''