Nayab Singh Saini / Haryana's Nayab government got a big blow - three independent MLAs supported Congress today

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 07, 2024, 05:42 PM
Nayab Singh Saini: A big upheaval was seen in the politics of Haryana on Tuesday. Here three independent MLAs today extended their support to Congress. All these MLAs were earlier with BJP. Today, these three MLAs withdrew their support from the BJP state government. Those who withdrew their support from the BJP government include Dadri MLA Sombir Sangwan, Nilokheri MLA Dharampal Gondar and independent Pundri MLA Randhir Golan.

There was resentment with the BJP government

Let us tell you that Bhupendra Singh and State President Uday Bhan are holding a press conference on the support of MLAs to Congress. There, Badshahpur MLA Rakesh Daulatabad can also extend his support to Congress. However, he has not yet reached the press conference. It is believed that all these are MLAs who were angry with BJP for a long time due to not getting a place in the cabinet. Finally, on Tuesday, all these independent MLAs announced their support to the Congress Party.