Lok Sabha Election / If Rahul Gandhi has a debate with Prime Minister Modi, he will ask these 6 questions

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 19, 2024, 10:20 AM
Lok Sabha Election: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has prepared a list of questions to debate with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has said that if there is a debate with PM Modi, what questions will he ask? The Congress leader said on his social media account X, some journalists wrote letters to me and Narendra Modi ji and said that there should be a debate in democracy. He told Narendra Modi that you should debate with Rahul Gandhi. I am ready to debate with Narendra Modi at any time, but Narendra Modi will not debate with me. Because if they come to debate, I will ask them-

  • What is your relationship with Adani?
  • Why are you running 'donation business' in the name of electoral bonds?
  • Why did you bring black laws against farmers?
  • When people were dying in Corona, why did you ask to play thali?
  • You swing Xi Jinping on a swing, then how did his army capture the land of India?
  • Why did you bring Agniveer Yojana?
SC judge had sent the invitation

Let us tell you that on behalf of former Supreme Court judge Madan B Lokur, former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court Justice Ajit P Shah and former editor in chief of The Hindu N Ram, invitations were sent to both the leaders (PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi) for the debate. I went. Rahul had accepted this invitation and said that he was ready for a debate with Modi. But I know he (PM Modi) will not debate with me. Rahul said that for a healthy democracy, it would be a positive initiative for the major parties to present their vision to the country from one platform. Congress welcomes this initiative and accepts the invitation for discussion. The country also expects the Prime Minister to participate in this dialogue.

In what capacity will Rahul debate with PM Modi- BJP

After the issue of debating with PM Modi came to light, BJP fiercely attacked Rahul Gandhi. BJP said that in what capacity will Rahul Gandhi debate with the Prime Minister. BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi said that Rahul Gandhi is neither the Leader of Opposition, nor the President of the Congress Party, nor the Chairman of the INDI alliance…he is just an MP. The country knows how much information he has on which subject.