Special / Whose long wife has a big name, made a Guinness world record

Zoom News : Jun 24, 2021, 09:39 PM
Special | The love story of United Kingdom couple James and Chloe Lusted reminds us of the saying 'love is blind' which means when you love someone you don't see the flaws in that person .

Unique Hai Love Story of Couple

According to Guinness World Records, 33-year-old actor James Lusted and 27-year-old teacher Chloe Lusted married in 2016. Both are residents of UK. Both are from the same city and their love story is very unique.

There is a gap of about 2 feet between the two

On June 2 of the same year, they broke the record for the largest difference in the length of a married couple. The height of James is 109.3 cm (3 ft 7 in) and his wife Chloe is 166.1 cm (5 ft 5.4 in). There is a difference of 56.8 cm approximately 2 feet (1 ft, 10 inches) between this couple.

Something like this started love story

James has dwarfism due to a genetic disorder. Her height could not increase due to dystrophic dysplasia. In 2012, after James carried the Olympic torch to his hometown, some of his friends introduced him to Chloe. It was love at first sight for Chloe. Chloe liked tall men. However, her mind changed when she met James and fell in love. But she had some hesitation as to how people would react to their relationship.