Special / love story of Isabella is trending who spent 2 lakh rupees at age of 57 to find new boyfriend

Zoom News : Nov 26, 2022, 02:43 PM
Isabella trending love story: Many love stories remain in headlines in the world. Today we are going to talk about that unique love story of UK which is real but looks very filmy. In fact, Isabel, a resident of London, was going into depression due to being single after the breakup of her 23-year marriage. At this stage of age, the internet gave her the happiness she was looking for since a long time.

'Spent money like water in search of love'

Let us tell you that 57-year-old Isabel was interested in direct communication instead of chatting on social media. Her household was going on well, suddenly one day her husband divorced her. Initially he took care of himself but after many years he felt the need of a life partner at this stage of his age.

In the meantime, she caught sight of Jake Maddock, an Australian relationship coach. In the very first meeting, Isabel felt that her work would be done. After this, he did not see the face of money to get love. In search of true love, Isabel spent 2000 pounds i.e. 2 lakh rupees. It was Jake's way of working that gradually strengthened Isabel's confidence.

After a few weeks, relationship coach Jake saw the right moment and took Isabel out into the dating world. Actually, Isabel hated things like online friendship and chatting, so Jake also had to work very hard to prepare her. Finally a time came when Isabel, a luxury property developer by profession, said yes to dating and creating an online profile.

found life partner like this

According to the report published in 'The Mirror', after being single for many years, Isabel created accounts on online dating apps Match.com, Zoosk and Bumble. But on the dating app, men made very bad comments about Isabella. He started going on dates, but she used to leave him midway and return. It was not easy to find a new life partner at this stage of age. Despite this, after a long round of counselling, 12 failed dates and time spent on three dating apps, Isabel finally found a new life partner in Ian Clegg who loved her more than herself.

happy isabel

Isabel said in a recent interview, 'Jake changed life. I had no idea that a happy relationship would be found after divorce and crossing the age of 50. On the other hand, Ian, 60, was so impressed with Isabel, 57, that he traveled 250 miles to be with her.