New York Air Quality / Why is New York's air so bad? What is the meaning of Air Quality Index in the country?

Zoom News : Jun 11, 2023, 06:28 PM
New York Air Quality: Recently the air of New York looked very bad. What is the reason behind this? What is AIQ? You will know the answers to all these questions in the current affairs episode. What caused the fire in the forests of Canada, the air of the well-organized American city of New York got spoiled. In June 2023, it joined the world's worst polluted cities. Its air quality index has become worst. The effect of the fire in the forests of Canada in the last week of May has reached the East Coast and Midwest area of America. Its effect was seen in America on June 7 and it is increasing continuously. There is a colorful haze over the whole city. The people of the city have been forced to leave wearing face masks.

What does the World Air Quality Report 2022 say?

The daily routine of the people has also been affected by this sudden change. The Air Quality Index had reached 342 here on June 7/8, which is now rapidly moving towards improvement. This level is considered dangerous all over the world. During this, there were problems in flying the aeroplane.

According to the World Air Quality Report 2022, India is the eighth most polluted city in the world. Chad at number one, Iraq at number two, Pakistan at number three, Bahrain at number four and Bangladesh at number five.

What is Air Quality Index?

This index is prepared to know the level of pollution in the air. It is measured on several parameters in different areas of the city. Equipment is installed for this. The factors of pollution can be different in every country. The Air Quality Index in India is seen under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment. Six categories of air quality index have been created.

  • 0 to 50: This is considered good.
  • 51 to 100: It is satisfactory in terms of index.
  • 101 to 200: It is placed in the moderate range.
  • 201 to 300: This is a poor range.
  • 301 to 400: This number is said to be very bad.
  • 401 to 500: This is a severe range.
The air of Delhi/NCR sometimes reaches the severe category. Eight factors have been considered for the air quality index in the country. The index is decided on the basis of these. The index is issued after the monitoring of the last 24 hours. There is also a system to give warnings and suggestions in dangerous situations. When the air quality index is between 200 and 500, health problems start increasing.