Rajasthan / Without cutting the helmet challan, the elderly started the drama, lay on the road and then ...

Zoom News : Apr 10, 2021, 05:02 PM
Barmer In the border Barmer adjacent to the Indo-Pak border, the breath of traffic police was stuck at that time. When an elderly cut the high voltage drama on the road in the afternoon on cutting his invoice. The elderly not only opposed the traffic police, but instead of leaving the road in a full one, the traffic police also put in trouble. Nonviolence Circle of Barmer District Headquarters is called the most busy intersection of the city. At this place, an elderly lying on the road on Saturday.

In fact, the traffic police of Barmer was cutting the invoice of drivers without mask and without helmets without the leadership of their charge Dimple Kanwar. Only then did the challan cut due to an elderly helmet, then he got upset the elderly. He debated with traffic policemen for a long time and after that he lay down on the road that why he alone will cut all the invoices. Lying on the elderly road for a long time. Seeing this, there was a crowd of tamashabin.

Suddenly the traffic police breathed to lie down on the road in the elderly. The elderly lying for a long time. Then he was extinguished and extinguished him. However, in the afternoon the high drama of the elderly in the afternoon, the traffic police breathed on the road was stuck. The city dwellers and policemen have been lifted from the road to the elderly after about half an hour.