Special / Woman blows 3 crore rupees Covid relief funds on luxury life corona relief fund misuse on big house

Zoom News : Feb 12, 2023, 02:40 PM
Woman blows 3 crores rupees Covid relief funds: Truth and honesty have really lost their name in the world. Where on one hand people expect various facilities from the government, on the other hand they do not hold back in telling lies. One such woman collected crores of rupees from the government fund in the name of corona disease and then used it to live her life in king size style.

31-year-old glamorous influencer Daniela Rendon has done this act, people are surprised to know about it. Daniela, who lives in Miami, works as a real estate broker, but she trusted fraud more than her work to make her life luxurious. He collected not even lakhs but crores of rupees as Kovid Relief Fund, which he misused a lot.

Fraud done for luxurious life

A woman named Daniela Rendon took $ 381,000 i.e. more than 3 crores in Indian currency through the Kovid Relief Fund. According to the Miami Herald's report, the woman had run a loan program for COVID-19, so that people's losses could be supported. Daniela took one such loan and spent it to live her life lavishly. Now Daniela, who lives in Florida, has been charged with fraud, after which she can be imprisoned for 20 years. By submitting fake documents, he collected this money from the government scheme in the name of small business and PPP.

What did you do with Rs 3 crore?

Daniela has been accused of using these legs to take a Bentley car on lease for herself in the year 2021. Then she also rented a luxurious apartment for herself and flaunted her life by collecting expensive clothes and designer shoes. Not only this, Daniela also used this money to make herself beautiful by getting her cosmetic surgery done.