Special / Woman shared her reason for adding work on her public LinkedIn profile

Zoom News : Jul 14, 2022, 02:28 PM
Woman Added Sex Work In Her LinkedIn Profile: A woman has gone viral on social media after adding 'sex work' on her public LinkedIn profile. He created panic by disclosing this in his profile. A woman named Arielle Egozi, who has more than 9,000 followers on the professional networking platform. He added his work experience to the profile and wrote a long post explaining why he did it. The post has gone viral on social media and took the internet by surprise.

Woman updated this profile on LinkedIn

She wrote, 'I left my in-house job two weeks ago and the reason for this was that I used to do sex work. I saved myself from selling my image and complicating my life. I asked myself if I am happy with it. I was not. Yes, over time, everything I did helped, but the biggest reason I was away from this profession was sex work, which I deliberately considered it my job. I was slowly adopting this work. This work showed that I had many other powers, which I can do. I used to take extra money for my work.

Many things told through the post

Ariel Egozi told in detail about his work. He said, 'I have no problem in taking rejection from people who don't want to pay it, because I fee requires emotional labor. I set boundaries. I don't waste my time with anything. I have stopped pitching and talking. I have nothing to prove. I have worked to make my value clear.

People wrote these things on LinkedIn post

His post has over 8,000 reactions and over 1500 comments. Some LinkedIn users also commented. Wishing them all the best in finding a job. However, one user held a different opinion. The user wrote, 'This is a very dangerous game that you are playing. Sure you can have customers who are nice but people lie. At any moment someone wants to harm you. Be careful ma'am. I want you to think more about it. You get the money, but is it worth looking in the mirror and crying in the shower when you still feel incomplete trying to grow from a vacuum?'