Bihar / 10 hanging ropes are being prepared in Buxar's Central Jail, speculation rife it's for Nirbhaya convicts

Zoom News : Dec 10, 2019, 03:45 PM
A jail in Buxar district of Bihar, known for its expertise in manufacturing execution ropes, has been directed to keep 10 pieces ready by the end of this week, triggering speculations that these might be meant for the 2012 Nirbhaya case convicts.

Central Jail Superintendent Vijay Kumar Arora said that the jail directorate has been ordered to prepare ten traps by this week. 6 prisoners are preparing a special kind of hanging rope in the jail's workshop. Whenever the execution decree is issued in the country, only the prisoners of the Central Jail Buxar prepare the noose.

The trap is prepared in Buxar Central Jail, the only place in the country. Except for Buxar Central Jail, the manufacture of this quality rope is banned in the entire country in the Indian factory law. At the same time, according to the senior administrative officer, the use of this particular type of rope is completely banned in the country except for the government order. So far, on the special demand of the state governments, Buxar's Central Jail gave this rope to the Central Prison Bhagalpur in 1995, Maharashtra in 1981, West Bengal in 1990, Andhra Pradesh in 2003, West Bengal in 2004, Mumbai in 2012 and Delhi in 2013. is.

Rope made from 7200 threads, 184 kg lifting capacity

The hanging rope is still made from J-34 quality cotton wool produced in Punjab today. It consists of four bunches. One consists of 900 threads. A total of 7200 threads make the rope. After the rope is made, 100 kg weight is tied in a special rod made in the prison itself and it is tested by dropping it with shock. It is seen whether the prescribed weight is able to lift the rope. It weighs 3 kg 950 grams and length is 60 feet. This rope has a capacity of lifting 184 kg.

As the price of the rope rises to Rs 1725

The jail superintendent said that the price of this rope is currently Rs 1725, but due to the increase in the prices of raw yarn and the rate of the special brass used for it, the price is also higher Will be increased After the rope is ready, it is packaged and shipped. The ripe banana is rubbed and dipped in mustard oil before use, which makes the rope very soft.

The rope used to come from Manila, the capital of the Philippines

In 1844, a factory was set up by the British rulers to hang the noose in the central prison Buxar. The cotton was then sourced from Manila, the capital of the Philippines, for its construction. The name of this particular rope was 'Manila rope'. An Indian citizen was hanged for the first time in 1884 from a hanging loop here.

Discussion of hanging four convicts in a fearless manner

There is speculation that four accused in the Nirbhayakand case may be executed later this month. The Union Home Ministry on Friday sent the file of mercy petition of these accused to the President for final decision. At the same time, two days ago, Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Anil Baijal had also sent a report to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, which said that the conviction of the convict is not eligible to be forgiven under any circumstances. On 16 December 2012, Nirbhaya was abetted in a moving bus in Delhi.