Coronavirus / 2.64 lakh infected in a day in the country, number approaching the first wave, infection rate 14.78 percent

Zoom News : Jan 15, 2022, 12:33 PM
In the third wave of corona in the country, 14.72 lakh people have come under the grip of the virus in the last eight days. At the same time, the number of daily patients has crossed more than double in six days. The infection rate has also now reached near the highest level of the first wave in the year 2020. There have been 2,64,202 new cases in the country. At the same time, 24,383 new cases have been found in Delhi, while 34 patients have died.

Since January 7, more than one lakh patients are getting daily in the country. In two days, the number also crossed the 2.50 lakh mark. On January 7, 1.17 lakh were found infected, but on January 13, 2.47 lakh were found. The infection rate also rose to 14.78% in one day, which is close to the highest rate of the first wave at 15.70 percent. The relief is that 1,09,345 patients have also recovered in one day. This is the highest since June 15 last year. 315 people died in one day. 4,85,350 people have lost their lives in the country.

The recovery rate was 95.20 percent, more than 97% a week ago

The active rate of active patients has reached 3.48 percent. Due to this, the patients undergoing treatment increased to 12,72,073. The recovery rate has gone up to 95.20 percent. Till a week ago, it was more than 97 per cent. The weekly infection rate has reached 11.83 percent.

Omicron: 4.83 percent increase in one day

The government has confirmed a third wave in the country because of Omicron. Omicron now has 5,753 patients in the country. In the last one day itself, there has been an increase of 4.83 percent in these cases.

  • 3.34 crore adolescents have taken the first dose
  • 35 lakh precautionary doses taken in 3 days
  • Union Minister Giriraj Singh got infected on Friday.
Up to 30% increase

Between January 7 and 14, the maximum increase of 30 per cent was recorded in the daily cases. On January 12, 1,94,720 cases were reported in a single day. On January 13, this number was recorded at 2,47,417.

Madhya Pradesh: Schools and hostels closed till 31

After receiving 4,031 new cases in Madhya Pradesh, all schools and hostels have been closed till January 31. Religious, business fairs and rallies will also be banned.

Omicron's community spread found in Delhi

A study has found evidence that Delhi is the first state to have a community spread of over 60% Omicron. In the national capital, this has led to the formation of hybrid immunity. There have also been patients in whom immunity has developed from four sources.

Delhi: Infection rate crosses 30%

24383 new cases were found in Delhi. It recorded a decrease of 15.5% in one day, but the infection rate is beyond 30%.

Insurance, new rule of companies only three months after recovering from infection

In view of the increasing infection, insurance companies have implemented a new rule. Under this, a person will not be able to get any term insurance policy for three months after recovering from corona.