Special / 37 years old Woman miraculously survives after plunging 60 feet off cliff and breaking back

Zoom News : Jul 05, 2021, 01:23 PM
In Cornwall, southwest England, a woman survived after falling from a mountain about 60 feet high. After falling down the mountain, the woman broke her back and suffered serious injuries all over her body. A woman named Rebekah Crawford considered it a miracle that despite falling from such a height, her life was saved.

woman went for a walk with family

According to the Mirror report, in June last year in Cornwall, South West England, she went to visit a mountain with her family. During this, the woman's leg twisted and fell due to deteriorating balance.

hospitalized for 5 days

37-year-old Rebekah Crawford was admitted to the hospital with serious injuries, where she was treated for five days and her life was saved. After several weeks of walking with crutches, Rebekah has recovered and considers it a miracle to survive the fall from such a height.

Air ambulance rescue

Wahan Debs, of Rebekah Crawford, said: 'After calling 999, Cornwall Air Ambulance was dispatched to the scene and then Rebekah was rescued. Thank God she survived.

Air ambulance faced a lot of difficulties

"The air ambulance was badly hit by steep rocks and the helicopter had to land some distance away," Debs said. "This is definitely one of the most dangerous areas," said Pete Storer, a critical care paramedic involved in the rescue team.

groin was broken

The doctor told that Rebekah had suffered a serious injury after falling from the mountain and had broken her back bone. His CT scan was done at the hospital, which revealed that he had a head injury but there was no blood coming out. There were 6 fractures all over the body, but no surgery was required.