Pilots Strike / Air India Express pilots call off strike, 170 flights canceled so far

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 09, 2024, 09:20 PM
Air India Express: The leave of all the employees of Tata Group-owned Air India Express who suddenly went on sick leave together has now ended. Actually, the ongoing dispute between Air India management and Air India Express Union has ended. The airline company said that after the end of the dispute, all the more than 100 employees who went on 'sick leave' will soon return to their jobs. The company said that the suspension of all the suspended crew members has been withdrawn with immediate effect, due to which now all the employees who were on sick leave will also return to work with immediate effect.

Let us tell you, recently the company has taken a big step and terminated all the employees. The company had terminated these employees considering them guilty of disturbing the operations and violating the terms and conditions of appointment. After the controversy escalated, the company had to withdraw the suspension of all the suspended employees.

Now we will work together

The airline and cabin crew will now work together and try to resolve the issues. It is expected that now there will be no disruption in flights and passengers will not face any problem. This agreement is a matter of relief for both the parties.

This will give the airline an opportunity to resume its flights and provide better service to the passengers. At the same time, the cabin crew has received the promise of consideration of their demands and better working conditions.

Agreement reached after negotiations

Sources have given this information. Cabin crew members of Air India Express had started the strike with several demands related to salary, allowances and working conditions. On May 9, more than 100 crew members suddenly stopped coming to work, claiming to be ill. Due to this, 90 flights were cancelled. The airline had sent termination letters to these members as part of disciplinary action.

Pilot had gone on 'sick leave'

Air India Express canceled flights after a section of crew members were reported 'sick' in protest against alleged mismanagement at the airline. The agreement to withdraw the strike and dismissal letters was reached during a conciliation meeting between representatives of crew members and airline representatives at the office of the Chief Labor Commissioner (Central) in the national capital on Thursday.

There was anger among the people

People wishing to travel to other countries from different airports in Kerala were seen in extreme anger as Air India Express flights were canceled for the second consecutive day on Thursday. Passengers at Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kannur airports were left disappointed when flights to Gulf countries were canceled at the last minute for the second consecutive day. Due to sudden flight cancellation, people are very angry and they are facing a lot of problems.

Air India Express employees had made these complaints

  • A few days after the acquisition of Air India, many employees were fired from their jobs despite their excellent records. Whereas at the time of acquisition, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had assured that no one would be fired from the job for 2 years.
  • The concept of whistle blower is mentioned in the Tata Code of Conduct, but it is very one-sided. This goes from the boss to the employees, but whenever any department or employee wants to raise this issue from their side, they are silenced in the townhall meeting. Not only this, there is inequality among employees on the basis of salary, experience and merit.
  • Air India Express employees were given lower grade jobs after clearing interviews for higher ranks. Some shortlisted people were removed, while employees brought in from outside with less experience were given higher ranks. This is a kind of nepotism.
  • The employee union has also raised its concerns regarding the lack of transparency in the Tata Code of Conduct. He says that while the employees of AirAsia India have been kept on permanent payroll, the employees of Air India Express have been kept on contract.
  • The employees have also filed a complaint regarding essential allowances like House Rent Allowance, Travel Allowance, Dearness Allowance, which they were getting before the merger with AirAsia India. Now he has been removed, due to which his salary has reduced considerably.
  • The years of experience, seniority and capabilities of the employees are being ignored in the standard procedures (SOP) for running the airlines.
  • Airlines are going through a kind of mis-management, which is not only affecting the work of the employees. Rather, it is also affecting customer experience and company performance.