Air India Increments / Air India employees got a gift - the company increased the salary so much, pilots got bonus

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 24, 2024, 08:15 AM
Air India Increments: Employees of Tata Group's airline company Air India have received a gift. The company has increased the fixed monthly salary of all pilots except Junior First Officers by Rs 15,000 per month. Not only this, pilots will also be given an annual performance bonus of up to Rs 1.8 lakh. According to PTI news, this bonus will be given on the basis of the performance of the pilots and the overall performance of the company. This is the first salary hike after the Tata Group bought the loss-making airline two years ago.

Issues raised by pilots

According to the news, the announcement came after two unions – the Indian Commercial Pilots Association, which represents a significant section of narrowbody pilots, and the Indian Pilots Guild, which includes a large section of widebody pilots – compared the working conditions of pilots to that of bonded labour. It has been done a month after doing it.

Tata Group Chairman N. In a letter to Chandrasekaran in April, the unions said the issues of fixed remuneration of 70 hours, sanction of holidays, adequate rest periods, unstable rosters, stretching of pilots to maximum flying duty, irregularities in roster practices and an unsupportive work environment persisted. are raised by pilots of various airlines of the Tata Group.

Salary hike effective from 1st April

This salary increase made by the airline is effective from April 1, 2024. According to the new compensation structure following this hike, first officers and captains will get a monthly increment of Rs 5,000, while commanders' salaries will increase by Rs 11,000, while senior commanders' salaries will increase by Rs 15,000. Apart from this, Annual Performance Bonus has also been introduced. Junior first officers with rating 3 that meets the requirements will get Rs 42,000; First officers or captains with the same rating will get Rs 60,000; While commanders and senior commanders on achieving rating 3 will be eligible for bonuses of Rs 1.32 lakh and Rs 1.8 lakh respectively.