Rajasthan News / Allegations of arbitrariness on officials demolishing encroachment in Jaipur

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 19, 2024, 12:43 PM
Rajasthan News: Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) is still taking action to remove encroachment in 27 colonies of Mansarovar area of ​​Jaipur. On the orders of the High Court, illegal constructions are being demolished to widen the road of the area. Teams will take action against more than 120 houses and shops today on the second day of the action. People also opposed the action on Wednesday. They say that equal action should be taken against everyone. Officials are acting arbitrarily. Some illegal constructions are being left, some are being removed. People were not even given a chance to remove goods from many houses.

At the same time, JDA has denied all the allegations. Officials say that notices were given a month before the demolition of illegal constructions. Earlier on Tuesday, 85 encroachments were demolished.

These also included two school buildings. In fact, encroachment is being removed from about 1.8 km area to build a proposed 100 feet wide road from New Sanganeer Road (Mansarovar) to Vande Bharat Road.

More than 5 JCBs and 200 policemen deployed

Jaipur Development Authority started the action at 10 am today. After about two hours, the teams have removed illegal encroachment from more than 20 houses and shops. Today more than 200 policemen and many machines are engaged in this action.

Target to clean the entire road - Corporation official

JEN Gaurav Bhardwaj of Jaipur Development Authority Zone-19 said that today a target has been set to demolish 60 to 65 constructions. These include 30 residential houses, while 30 shops are also included.

Before demolishing them, the general public has been persuaded and their houses and shops have been vacated. So that any kind of untoward incident can be avoided.

Some people are protesting mildly. Additional police force has been deployed to control it.

Removal of illegal constructions from narrow roads started

The petition to remove encroachment from this entire area was given by the local people. After this action which will last for four days, it is expected that the road will become 100 feet wide. At present, the width of the road is half.

People forced to leave their homes

  • Rajendra Chaudhary, who has been living with his family on Vande Mataram Marg for the last 15 years, said - JDA is carrying out this entire action in a hurry.
  • I was living here with my family for years. But we were given only some time.
  • Because of this, I have not been able to take out even the valuables of my house. My family's beautiful memories were associated with this house. Now, due to the action of Jaipur Development Authority, 16 feet of my house will come on the road.
  • It will be very difficult to live in it. In such a situation, now I will go and settle in the village with my family. So that I can keep my family in a proper house.
  • Chaudhary said - There was no need for Jaipur Development Authority to increase the width of this road. Rather, the road that was built here. Even if it was repaired, it would have worked.
  • I don't know why such action is being carried out by Jaipur Development Authority to make hundreds of people like us homeless.
  • Family sent to village due to fear of action - Local resident
  • Local resident Rajendra Kumar said that the family was already sent to the village. There is so much stuff in the house, we could not take out half of it. The officials are asking to demolish it.
  • They have told you to get out. Let the stuff remain. The road that was there was fine. What was the need to remove it.