Chinese Balloon / America shot down Chinese spy balloon, furious dragon threatened

Zoom News : Feb 05, 2023, 10:34 AM
Chinese Balloon: The US Army shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon on Saturday. At the same time, China has warned the US of dire consequences. China has said that the shooting down of the balloon by the US is a 'serious violation of international practice'.

The US shot down this Chinese surveillance balloon in the Atlantic Ocean off the South Carolina coast on Saturday afternoon. According to PTI language, a senior US defense official informed that on the instructions of President Joe Biden, the US military shot down a Chinese surveillance balloon in the Atlantic Ocean at 2:39 local time.

According to information, the balloon was shot down six miles from the American coast in South Carolina. American citizens did not suffer loss of life or property while shooting down the balloon.

This action was taken in coordination and with the full cooperation of the Canadian government. The Pentagon official said that immediately after the balloon was shot down, steps were taken to retrieve the sensitive information collected by the balloon, so that its intelligence value to China would be lost. Several ships and divers are present at the spot.

Missiles released on balloons

According to the PTI language, the defense official said that the fighter plane flying from Langley Airport in Virginia released a missile, due to which the balloon fell into the ocean within the US airspace.

'I told the balloon to be shot down'

Biden told reporters in Maryland, "I told them to shoot down the balloon." He said, "When I was informed about the balloon on Wednesday, I ordered the Pentagon to shoot it down as soon as possible." . They decided to do this without harming anyone on the ground and found the most suitable time for this when the balloon was over the sea.

Another senior defense official told that the Pentagon had been keeping an eye on the balloon flying at high altitude for some time. It entered Alaska on 28 January. Thereafter, it entered Canadian airspace on 30 January and then entered US airspace again on 31 January.