Delhi Ordinance Bill / Amit Shah said in Rajya Sabha –The purpose of the bill is to stop corruption in Delhi

Vikrant Shekhawat : Aug 07, 2023, 08:56 PM
Delhi Ordinance Bill: Union Home Minister Amit Shah while replying to the Delhi Service Bill in the Rajya Sabha has said that its only aim is to provide corruption-free governance. He said that this bill is to improve the system of Delhi. The system which was made during the time of Congress, there is not even a slight change in it. Not a single provision of the bill is wrong. Nor has any decision of the Supreme Court been violated in the bill. The bill is completely in line with the constitution.

The Home Minister further said, Parliament has the right to make laws for Delhi. The earlier governments never had any dispute with the Centre. Congress sitting in the lap of Aam Aadmi Party itself had brought this amendment. He said that a lie by adorning the word, does not become true. The Chief Minister himself is also aware of the limited rights of Delhi. As far as the court is concerned, the court has not given adjournment order in this matter.

He said that the Parliament has the right to change any decision. In the past also many decisions have been changed through the Parliament. We have not brought changes in the constitution to impose emergency. Lakhs of workers were put in jail by imposing emergency. Censorship was imposed on all the newspapers. Congress has no right to speak on democracy. Parliament can make laws as well as abolish them. These bills have been brought to handle the sentiments of the constitution.

Bill does not violate Supreme Court judgement: Shah

Shah said, 'The purpose of this bill is to have a smoothly corruption-free governance in Delhi. With a single provision of the bill, there is not even an inch of change in the system which was there earlier. He said that the Delhi Services Bill does not violate the Supreme Court's decision in any way.

Shah said, 'Earlier there were no quarrels in Delhi regarding transfer posting, no CM had any problem. The government was formed in 2015 after a 'movement'. Some people said that the Center wants to take power in its hands. There is no need for the Center to do so as the people of India have given us the power and authority.

Shah said that many times there was a Congress government at the Centre, then there was a BJP government in Delhi, many times there was a BJP government at the Center and Congress in Delhi, at that time there was never any dispute regarding transfer posting. At that time decisions were made through this system and no Chief Minister had any problem. It was pointed out by many members that the Center has to take power. We do not need to take power because 130 crore people have given us power.