Lok Sabha Election / Amit Shah's fake video case can become a matter of concern for Congress, why? know everything

Vikrant Shekhawat : Apr 30, 2024, 12:33 PM
Lok Sabha Election: As the Lok Sabha elections are progressing, the series of attacks and counter-attacks between various political parties is also increasing. Every other day some new issue is making place in the headlines. In this series, political temperature has risen due to a 'fake video' of Union Home Minister Amit Shah regarding reservation. Delhi Police has asked Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy to join the investigation on May 1 in connection with this 'fake video' of Shah circulated on social media. Come, let us tell you what has happened so far in this case:

What is there in Amit Shah's 'fake video'

In the purported fake video, Shah's statement indicating his commitment to ending reservation for Muslims on religious grounds in Telangana has been distorted to make it appear as if he is advocating ending all forms of reservation. Congress leaders tried to corner BJP and Shah with the help of this video, but now it seems to be a noose around their neck. While BJP has launched a strong counterattack on Congress regarding this video, legal action is also being taken. Looking at the way both the major factions are giving statements regarding this issue, it seems that this issue may gain more importance in the coming days.

Delhi Police has registered FIR

Delhi Police has registered IPC sections 153 (intentional provocation with intent to cause riot), 153A (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language etc.), 465 (forgery) in this connection. A case has been registered under section 66C of the Information Technology (IT) Act besides sections 469 (forgery intended to defame someone's reputation) and 171G (publishing a false statement with intent to influence the result of an election). According to the FIR, the Home Ministry said in its complaint that it has been found that some fake videos are being spread by social media users.

One person arrested in Assam

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Vishwa Sharma has informed that a person has been arrested in the case of 'fake video'. He wrote on 'X', 'Assam Police has arrested a person named Ritam Singh in the fake video case of Honorable Home Minister Amit Shah.' Sharma said that the arrested person, 31-year-old Ritam Singh, is associated with the Assam Congress. Work as 'war room' coordinators. Meanwhile, the Congress criticized the BJP-led state government, alleging that Singh was arrested in the middle of the elections only because he criticized the government's policies. The party demanded Singh's immediate release.

Telangana CM Reddy gave a big statement

When asked by Delhi Police to join the investigation on May 1, Telangana CM Reddy told an election rally in Karnataka, 'Some posts were made on social media, they are being served with a notice at Telangana Gandhi Bhavan (state Congress headquarters). We said that we will arrest the Telangana Congress President and the Chief Minister of Telangana. This means that Narendra Modi ji is now using Delhi Police to win the elections. ED, Income Tax and CBI have been abolished. No one is afraid here. It is the public who will answer.' Let us tell you that Reddy had posted the said video on 'X'.

Congress said, we can also take action

Meanwhile, Congress has warned that similar action can be taken against BJP leaders in the states ruled by it. In Delhi, Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinet said Reddy would not be intimidated by such tactics and accused the BJP of spreading fake news and doctored videos in the election campaign. He said, 'They think that we will sit like this and will not initiate any action. We will also initiate action against all those involved in this. FIRs will be registered in Karnataka, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, where BJP is not in power.

PM Modi also targeted the opposition

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that opposition parties, which failed to counter BJP, are now misusing technology to spread fake videos on social media. The PM said, 'Me, Amit Shah and J.K. are being used to create anti-social discord. Using AI to distort quotes of leaders like P. Nadda. By using technology, these people are making fake videos in my voice, which is creating danger. If you see any fake video, inform the police. It is our responsibility to save the society from such fake videos. I am making these allegations very seriously. Efforts are being made to create social tension so that any untoward incident happens.

What did Amit Shah say on this whole issue?

In a press conference in Guwahati on the issue of 'fake video', Amit Shah said, 'The frustration and disappointment of the opposition has reached such a level that they have made fake videos of me and some BJP leaders and made it public. Their Chief Minister, State President etc. have also done the work of forwarding this fake video. Luckily, what I said was also recorded. We put that record in front of everyone, which made everything clear and today prominent Congress leaders are facing criminal offences. He said that BJP is a supporter of reservation for SC/ST, OBC and will always play its role as its protector.

This issue can become a thorn in the neck for Congress

This issue of 'fake video' seems to be a thorn in the neck of Congress. Actually, Congress is trying to corner BJP in these elections on the issues of 'Constitution' and 'Reservation'. Meanwhile, Amit Shah's 'fake video' on reservation has given BJP an opportunity to counterattack. BJP will try its best to give this message to the public that Congress is lying to the public on many issues and is targeting BJP by creating fraud. A strong counterattack by BJP can derail the entire strategy of Congress. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see what steps Congress takes to get out of this problem.