Lok Sabha Election / 'We will straighten those who kill cows by hanging them upside down, make Modi PM for the third time'- Amit Shah

Zoom News : May 16, 2024, 06:15 PM
Lok Sabha Election: Union Home Minister Amit Shah reached Madhubani district of Bihar on Thursday to campaign for the elections. From here he fiercely targeted the Indi alliance. During this, Amit Shah said that Karpoori Thakur had done the work of raising the voice of Dalits and backward people of the entire country. I want to ask a question to Lalu ji that you were CM in Bihar for 15 years and a minister at the Center for 10 years but you never gave the name of Karpoori Thakur for Bharat Ratna. Narendra Modi nominated him for Bharat Ratna. Amit Shah said that Narendra Modi comes from a very backward society. For the first time in the country, if any extremely backward person has become the Prime Minister, it is Narendra Modi.

No one dares to throw pebbles in Kashmir

Amit Shah said that the most backward Prime Minister Narendra Modi worked to take the country forward. Kashmir is ours. But Mallikarjun Kharge Saheb says that what do the people of Bihar have to do with Kashmir. I can tell you that every child of Madhubani can sacrifice his life for Kashmir. Congress had kept Article 370 like a child, which was abolished by Narendra Modi on 5 August 2019. Now in India there is only one flag, only one slogan, which Narendra Modi has done the work of completing. He said that the people of Indi alliance were saying that if you do not remove 370, rivers of blood will flow. Today I am telling Rahul Baba that no one has the courage to throw pebbles.

Those who kill cows will be hanged upside down

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that Pakistan occupied Kashmir is ours and we will take it. He said that Atal Bihari Vajpayee had done the work of including Maithili language in the 8th schedule. He said, "When I first visited this area, there were a large number of cases of cow slaughter. I leave with assurance. Make Modi ji the Prime Minister for the third time. Those committing cow slaughter will be straightened by hanging them upside down. This land belongs to Sita, this is Narendra Modi's promise to make the entire country an Islamic state. Worked to put PFI people in jail."