Lok Sabha Election / Kangana Ranaut shown black flags in Lahaul-Spiti, slogans of 'Go Back' raised

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 20, 2024, 11:10 PM
Lok Sabha Election: BJP candidate from Mandi Lok Sabha seat of Himachal Pradesh and actress Kangana Ranaut was shown black flags by local people and Congress workers in Kaza of Lahaul-Spiti on Monday. The Himachal Pradesh unit of the BJP lodged a complaint with the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) demanding transfer of the returning officers and an investigation into the incident as to how both the BJP and the Congress were allowed to hold rallies in close proximity. Congress workers raised slogans against Kangana – “Kangana, go back, Kangana Wangana will not work”.

Kangana had posted a 'meme' about Dalai Lama

They are apparently angry over his remarks against Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama in April last year. Ranaut had posted a 'meme' regarding the Dalai Lama on the social media platform 'X' and said, "Dalai Lama was warmly welcomed in the White House". A photo was also shared with the post which was doctored to show the Dalai Lama sticking out his tongue at US President Joe Biden. Also commented on the picture - Both have the same disease, surely that is why both can be friends. He later apologized, saying that he did not intend to offend anyone and that it was merely a joke about Biden's friendship with the Dalai Lama.

Kangana's convoy surrounded in Himachal

Leader of Opposition in Himachal Pradesh Assembly Jairam Thakur, who had accompanied Ranaut to Kaza to campaign for the BJP, on Monday alleged that Congress workers tried to disrupt the BJP meeting and pelted stones at his convoy when he was returning. He told reporters, “This is the first time this has happened, this incident is unfortunate.” Congress was allowed to hold the rally at the same venue where BJP had already been given permission to hold the rally. An attempt was made to disrupt our rally and Congress workers raised shameful slogans, our convoy was stopped and stones were pelted in which one person was injured.

BJP complained to CEO

Thakur said that he goes to campaign across the state but this is the first time such an action shows the "desperation" of the Congress. In a complaint filed with the Himachal Pradesh Chief Electoral Officer, BJP state office secretary Pramod Kumar Thakur said Congress workers allegedly tried to stop the political procession illegally and also pelted stones. He demanded investigation into the incident. He said, "The district administration, under the influence of the state government, in violation of the model code of conduct, allowed the Congress to hold a political meeting in Kaza near the place already fixed for holding the political meeting of the BJP." In the complaint, the BJP demanded immediate transfer of election officials from Lahaul and Spiti and said allowing both parties at the same place at the same time was a "big mistake".

Lahaul and Spiti Superintendent of Police Mayank Chaudhary said that workers of both BJP and Congress came face to face but there was no clash and no one was injured. However, one worker suffered a sprain in his leg, he said.