COVID-19 Update / Antibody levels drop after Pfizer-AstraZeneca vaccine increases - Lancet study

Zoom News : Jul 27, 2021, 05:49 PM
Washington How long will the Antibodies remain after taking Corona Vaccine (COVID Vaccine)? These questions have been asked repeatedly. According to a study published in the Lanset Journal, six weeks of the total antibodies seems to be six weeks after Pfizer Vaccine and Astrazeneka (Astrazeneca Vaccine).

The study has come out that after 10 weeks the level of antibodies can be less than 50 percent. This study was done on 600 people of 18 years and more. It was included in women and men including chronic diseases. In India, the Astrajeneka vaccine is being made in the serum Institute of India by the Covishield.

Researchers of University College London (UCL) say that this rapid decline in antibody is a matter of concern. The effect of vaccine is also expected to end. Especially this concern can be more concerned against new variants.

It has also been found that after taking 2 doses of Astrajeneka, the level of antibody is quite good by taking 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine. Apart from this, those people who had been compressed in the CODE vaccination compared to those who had been involved in the level of antibody.

Madhumita Audratri of the UCL Institute of Health Informatics says, "The level of antibody after both the DOOs of Astrazenka or Pfizer vaccine is very high, which gives it a strong protection to the person against serious Kovid-19. However, we found that during the two to three months, its level has dropped significantly. "

Professor Rob Aldridge of the UCL Institute of Health Informatics about Booster Dose said, "If it should be thought about what people should be given priority in the case of booster doses, according to our data, the vaccine should choose the vaccine of Astrazen. . The level of antibody in these people is likely to be the lowest. ' Apart from this, people aged 70 years or more should be given on the basis of priority booster.

Although the team involved in the study has admitted that they have done this study on very few people. Apart from this, the people who have been studied have given their one samples, in such a situation, how quickly the antibody falls or it remains stable for the next few months, it is difficult to tell. At the same time, he also said that it is important to know whether there is a need to have a limit to antibody level to prevent serious illness.