Rajasthan News / Ashok Gehlot got phone tapping done - allegation of former CM's OSD Lokesh Sharma

Zoom News : Apr 24, 2024, 09:09 PM
Rajasthan News: Lokesh Sharma, who was OSD to the former Chief Minister, has accused Ashok Gehlot of phone tapping. During the political crisis in Rajasthan in 2020, the Gehlot government was accused of tapping phones. Some audios also surfaced at that time. In this matter, Gehlot's OSD Lokesh Sharma made several revelations in a press conference in Jaipur on Wednesday.

Lokesh Sharma said- On July 16, 2020, the then CM Ashok Gehlot had come to Hotel Fairmount. An hour after he left the hotel, I got a call from Gehlot's PSO Ram Niwas. Said- CM has called you. When I reached Pink House, Gehlot ji was waiting for me. Gehlot gave me a printed paper and a pen drive. There were three audio clips in it, in which there was talk of horse-trading of MLAs.

The OSD of the former Chief Minister said - In the paper he gave, there was reference to the conversation between Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Bhanwarlal Sharma and Sanjay Jain. Gave him pen drive and paper and said – go quickly and give it to the media. I came home and transferred the audio to my laptop. After this took it in mobile. Then sent it to the media. I did not get this audio from social media. Ashok Gehlot had given me all the audio clips through a pen drive.

Sachin Pilot's phone was also on surveillance

He said- The next day when the news was published in the newspapers. Cases were filed. Who are the people who want to topple the government? Gajendra Singh was added to this. There was an intention that BJP is behind this whole game. But we all heard that Sachin Pilot had said – we were not heard. Therefore, they wanted to come together and convey their message to the high command. Lokesh Sharma told- As soon as Ashok Gehlot came to know about this, he hatched the entire conspiracy. The phones of those who had gone with him (Sachin Pilot) were on surveillance. Everyone was being tracked. Pilots were also included in this. Everyone's movement was being traced.

Gehlot called twice after giving the audio

After this, Lokesh Sharma said - Even after making the audio viral, until the news came, Gehlot called me twice on WhatsApp and asked why it was not published in the news. As soon as the news came, I came to know what was in the audio clip. I was given only directions, which I followed.

He said- whom I considered as my political guru. He is a very clean hearted person. Because I was always told to employ everyone like me. Today I found out how I came in handy.

Gehlot conducted SOG raid on my office

Lokesh Sharma said- Even after this whole incident, he probably thought that I had not broken the mobile. Therefore, on November 26, 2021, a SOG raid was conducted in my office. The same man for whom I took such a big step. The person who works for the Chief Minister. There was a SOG raid in his office. Searched my entire office. Mobile was not found, after that I felt relieved. This is our former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot ji and his truth. How they use people. Use it for political gains and then move aside.

Lokesh Sharma told- The phones of those who were with Sachin Pilot were on surveillance. Some people were also in their enclosure, whose phones were on surveillance. Then when I was called to the Crime Branch, I thought how to put pressure on Gajendra Singh. Then how to tarnish his image to take political advantage of Sanjeevani case. Accusations should be made against the family. This same conspiracy was hatched at CM House. How to humiliate Gajendra Singh and Sachin Pilot. How to spoil the image in front of the public. That's why people associated with Sanjeevani were called. His videos were made and played continuously.

Lokesh Sharma also spoke on REET paper leak

On REET paper leak, Lokesh Sharma said- After the paper leak, Level 2 paper was cancelled, but the number of people included in it. There was discussion regarding that also. When the name of Secondary Education Board Chairman DP Jaroli came up, everyone was surprised. What action should be taken? How to dismiss them? Despite having knowledge of those who were involved, he was called his own man. What should be said about such a former Chief Minister?

Gehlot betrayed even the high command

Lokesh Sharma said that Gehlot thinks that he is the Congress. Apart from me, no other person should move forward in Congress. Due to their stubbornness, we were not able to get the government back in the last assembly elections. Sharma said that he even betrayed the high command.

He said that everyone will remember the incident of September 25. Mallikarjun Kharge and Ajay Maken had brought the agenda of the high command. But that agenda was not allowed to be completed in a sponsored manner as per a well thought out strategy. The then CM went to Jaisalmer in the afternoon. After having darshan of Tanot Mata, he called me and asked me to spread the news in the media that this MLA has gathered at Dhariwal's house. Their only demand is to make any one of us the Chief Minister. Sachin Pilot will not do.

In this way Gehlot directly insulted the high command and deceived them. Similarly, the high command was kept in the dark during the assembly elections also. Tried to convince them to leave you completely to me. I will get the government repeated in the state. He then repeated all those tickets as per his wish. Regarding which there has been independent agency, our report and AICC survey. Everyone had said that at least 25 to 30 tickets should be changed. Otherwise they will lose the elections. But Gehlot did not agree to this also, due to which the government could not be repeated in the state.

I will hand over all the evidence to the investigating agencies

Lokesh Sharma said that after saying all these things today, I am sure that now whenever the investigating agencies ask me for cooperation in this investigation, I will hand over all these evidences to the investigating agencies. The way I have presented these evidences before you. Similarly, I will give all the evidence to the investigating agencies.

Union Minister Shekhawat had accused of tarnishing the image

After this, Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat had filed a complaint in Delhi Police accusing them of tapping the phones of public representatives and tarnishing their image. On which on March 25, 2021, the Crime Branch of Delhi Police had registered a case against Lokesh Sharma.

Lokesh Sharma had reached Delhi High Court against this FIR. Even today his petition is pending in the High Court. During this period, Delhi Crime Branch has interrogated Lokesh Sharma about half a dozen times.

Phone tapping controversy started due to rebellion in pilot camp

After the rebellion of Sachin Pilot camp, the government was accused of phone tapping. Some audios had gone viral by the Gehlot camp alleging horse-trading of MLAs. In this, Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat was accused of bargaining with the then Congress MLA Bhanwarlal Sharma to topple the Gehlot government. There was a huge uproar on this issue in the budget session of the Assembly. This issue was also raised in the House. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shanti Dhariwal had admitted in the Assembly that the Chief Minister's OSD had made the audio viral.

Questions were raised on Gehlot after the assembly elections

Lokesh Sharma had written on social media – I am definitely hurt by the results, but not surprised. The Congress party could undoubtedly have changed the customs in Rajasthan, but Ashok Gehlot never wanted any change. This is not the defeat of Congress but of Ashok Gehlot ji. The party fought the elections under Gehlot's leadership, giving him a free hand and according to him, he himself was contesting on every seat.

Lokesh Sharma had written – Neither his experience nor magic worked and like every time, Congress did not win with the help of his plans. Nor did the immense pink propaganda work. While being CM for the third consecutive time, Gehlot again marginalized the party. Till date, he has only taken from the party, but Gehlot was never able to bring the party back to power during his tenure.