Rajasthan / Ban on crackers lifted in Rajasthan, Green crackers will be able to run for 2 hours on Diwali

Zoom News : Oct 16, 2021, 06:38 AM
Rajasthan | The state government has taken a U-turn in the matter of banning firecrackers in the state. Here, except the NCR region, permission has been given to run green firecrackers for two hours from 8 to 10 pm on Diwali in other districts.

According to the orders issued by the Home Department, it will be allowed to run green crackers on Christmas and New Year from 11.55 pm to 12.30 pm, on Guru Purab from 8 pm to 10 pm and on Chhath festival from 6 am to 8 am. The Home Department will issue separate guidelines regarding fireworks on other festivals.

The order states that in cities where the air quality is poor or worse, there will be a ban on fireworks on that day. Keeping in view the guidelines of the Supreme Court and NGT, the Home Department has allowed the use of green firecrackers giving maximum exemption. It is worth noting that a few days ago, in view of the pollution and the problems being faced by the corona patients, a ban was imposed on the sale and use of firecrackers in the state.

Central government agency gives certificate

Green crackers are certified by CSIR-NEERI, a central government agency. This certificate has been given to 12 firecracker producers in the state. These producers also have to obtain a license from PESO to manufacture firecrackers. Nine producers in the state have license from PESO.

This is how identity

Green crackers have less pollution than other common firecrackers. For firecrackers falling in the green category from other firecrackers, a certificate is given by NEERI to the producer. The boxes of firecrackers have a green color NEERI logo and QR code, which can be scanned to identify the green firecrackers.