MHA Websites Blocked / Big action by Modi government, blocked more than 100 fraud websites

Zoom News : Dec 06, 2023, 05:00 PM
MHA Websites blocked: In recent times, many cases of fraud in the name of part time jobs and investment have come to light. Now a big action has been taken by the Government of India in this regard. Taking strict action in this direction, the Union Home Ministry has blocked more than 100 such websites which were cheating people in the name of part time jobs and illegal investments.

It is being told that the websites blocked by the Union Home Ministry were being operated from outside the country. Let us tell you that the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has blocked these websites under the Information Technology Act, 2000.

The Indian Cybercrime Coordination Censor (I4C), a unit of the National Cyber Crime Threat Analysis Unit (NCTAU) attached to the Home Ministry, had last week demanded blocking of these websites. It was told by I4C that these websites are falsely luring users of jobs and investments and they are being made victims of fraud.

It was told in the report that all these websites were taking the support of advertisements, chat messengers and rented accounts to deceive people. The statement said that the money earned through financial fraud was being laundered outside India through crypto currency, foreign ATM withdrawals and many international companies.