Cyber Crime / Bharatpur becomes the biggest hub of cyber thugs, Jamtara left behind… Know how

Zoom News : Oct 04, 2023, 03:00 AM
Cyber Crime: Nowadays cyber crime has emerged as the biggest crime in the country. Even less educated cyber criminals can fool well educated people in a few seconds and steal their life's hard earned money through transactions. Just one unknown phone call comes and the bank account gets wiped out. Till now it was believed that Jamtara of Jharkhand is the biggest base or hub of this cyber crime. But after that most of the cyber fraud calls started coming from Mewat.

Gradually, cyber criminals from Assam, West Bengal, Manipur and Rajasthan also started cheating people by calling on mobiles. Now, not the area of Jamtara or Mewat but Bharatpur of Rajasthan has become the biggest hub of cyber criminals. Most of the cyber fraud incidents across the country are committed from Bharatpur. After Corona, there has been a sudden increase in cyber crime cases.

80 Percent incidents from 10 districts

80 percent of cyber fraud incidents in the country are being committed from only 10 districts, which is a shocking figure. Bharatpur of Rajasthan is on top among these, from where alone 18 percent fraud is being committed. ‘The Future Crime Research FoundationFCRF has prepared a list of such districts from where cyber fraud is being committed. Now Bharatpur of Rajasthan is on top as the biggest hub of cyber crime.

Mathura of Uttar Pradesh is at second place, from where 12 percent of the incidents are being carried out. Similarly, 11 percent incidents of fraud are happening from Nuh (Mewat), 10 percent from Deoghar, 9 percent from Jamtara, 8 percent from Gurugram, 5 percent from Alwar, 2 percent from Bokaro and Karmatand and 2 percent from Giridih.

Why did Bharatpur become the hub of cyber crime?

Inspector Rita Yadav, head of the cyber police station in Noida and who has been solving big cyber crime cases for many years, says that Bharatpur has not become the biggest hub of cyber crime just like that. There are many reasons behind this. Due to its proximity to Delhi, cyber crime is increasing here. There are not many employment opportunities here, due to which people are turning to cyber crime to earn money. There is also a lack of awareness and digital literacy among the people.

Why did cyber crime increase in Mathura?

Inspector Rita Yadav says that due to Mathura being a tourist destination, cyber criminals are increasing here. Financial transactions also take place in large numbers here. Nuh is near Delhi NCR. Due to which cyber criminals are active here also. Apart from this, cyber fraud is also done from Karmatand, Gurugram, Bokaro, Giridih, Assam, West Bengal, Manipur.

In NCR, criminals also find victims easily. Apart from this, Deoghar and Jamtara are infamous for cyber dreams. Here educated people give proper training to cheat highly qualified people. Classes are run here to teach cyber crime.

Why are cyber criminals not caught?

There are many reasons for the increase in cyber crime. The biggest reason is the ease of obtaining fake SIM cards through fake documents and due to this the police are never able to know the address of the real cyber criminals or reach them. There is no record of these cyber criminals in the police records and when the police goes to raid such an area in search of a cyber thug, even the local police does not cooperate with them and on seeing Khaki, suddenly there is a stampede in the area. .

The police do not have any criminal record of those who fled in that stampede. That is, it is clear that when cyber criminals come to know that the police have come to catch someone and that they have committed a crime, then they start running away from the police, whereas the police do not have any evidence against them. Cyber ​​thugs are so clever that they do not leave any trace behind through fake documents and fake SIM cards. Apart from this, the biggest reason is unemployment. Cyber criminals take advantage of unemployed people. Give them training and create a network.

What do cyber experts say?

Cyber expert Anuj Dayal says that the speed with which these new ten districts have emerged as hubs of cyber crime. The reason for this is weak policing, ignorance of people, illiteracy and lack of moral compass. According to him, cyber criminals are now also using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. By picking up the audio and video of any person posted on social media, they use artificial intelligence to create a voice similar to that person and call the relatives of their victims and cheat them of money. This is a new trend that has emerged.

Anuj Dayal says that cyber policemen are far behind the tools used by cyber criminals. Much skill is not required to commit cyber crime. Hacking tools and malware are easily available nowadays. Criminals carry out cyber attacks using artificial intelligence. Apart from this, the process of KYC and verification in online platforms is poor. Cyber criminals create fake IDs, due to which it is difficult to track them.

‘Victims of cyber fraud do not get money’

After becoming a victim of cyber fraud, the victim just keeps making rounds of cyber police stations. He is not able to get his defrauded amount back because it is difficult to reach these cyber fraudsters. Journalist Ruchi Rai, the victim of one such cyber fraud, had a retired government official as her father, from whom her life's hard-earned money of Rs 10 lakh was defrauded. According to Ruchi Rai, on September 15, her father got a call from an unknown number, saying that the retired person has to submit the life certificate online.

His father realized that it was a fraudulent call. He should go to the nearest branch of SBI and get his account frozen and all transaction modes blocked on customer service. Netbanking was also asked to be stopped immediately. The customer service representative said not to worry. All modes of payment have been stopped. But on September 22, at 1 pm, in 10 minutes, unknown people withdrew Rs 10 lakh from his account. We did not receive any OTP or message from the bank regarding the transfer of money. The fraudster ported his father's number under another name and defrauded him.