Lok Sabha Election / BJP leader Prahlad Gunjal joined Congress today, said - I cannot flatter anyone

Zoom News : Mar 21, 2024, 04:50 PM
Lok Sabha Election: BJP leader Prahlad Gunjal joined Congress today in the presence of former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, PCC Chief Govind Singh Dotasra. On this occasion, Gunjal targeted Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla without taking his name. He said that there are two brothers in Hadoti, one elder brother and one younger brother. On one side selfishness and on the other side shopping. On Gunjal's joining, Dotasara said that he is a strong leader. Leaders with mass support base are being eliminated in BJP. At the same time, former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot accused BJP regarding electoral bonds. Gehlot said that democracy is being torn to pieces in the country today.

Gunjal had lost the assembly elections to Shanti Dhariwal. Gunjal also has a rift with Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. There has been a political conflict between the two for a long time. Gunjal has been a supporter of Vasundhara Raje. His attitude had changed for quite some time.

Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma also targeted

Gunjal said that I am not junior to anyone in BJP. When I was an MLA for the first time, today's Chief Minister was running in the race to become Sarpanch. When I was MLA for the second time, today's Chief Minister was trying hard to become a Panchayat Samiti member.

I cannot flatter anyone - former MLA

  • Gunjal said that I did not come into politics to flatter any leader's brothers or to lay the carpet for any leader. The face of politics has been limited to picking up the carpet of one person.
  • He said that in a democracy, government security is guaranteed and it should not be a cause for fear. Young workers should compete with courage.
  • Coercion and oppression have become political powers. An attempt is being made to buy off selfishness with the help of power.
Kota politics is captured by one person and family - Gunjal

  • Gunjal said that Kota politics has been captured by one person. One person's family was also captured. Today, the selfless worker associated with the customs and principles of the Bharatiya Janata Party is crying tears of blood.
  • He is not only unable to muster the moral courage to abandon his ideology and stand against oppression, but I could not tolerate that oppression.
  • I could not surrender to someone who would show the influence and wrath of my power to the people of Hadoti.
  • In the last elections, BJP tried to humiliate me by sending me there, even at that time my workers drank tears of blood.
Counterattack on Rajasthan Health Minister

  • Gunjal countered Khinvsar's statement and said that the minister is saying that people in BJP are coming by breaking the doors, hence living people never move with the flow, dead fishes flow with the flow.
  • I was a 40 year old Bharatiya Janata Party worker. I struggled on the streets. After this long journey, it is now felt that the circumstances are not right.
  • The kind of situations that are arising are worrying. This trend of suppressing the voice of the common man in front of the power of power has become a challenge for democracy.