Vadodara News / Big communal conspiracy busted in Gujarat's Vadodara - three arrested

Zoom News : Aug 29, 2023, 01:10 PM
Vadodara News: A major communal conspiracy has been busted in Gujarat's Vadodara and three accused have been arrested. According to the information, some people were targeting Muslim girls by forming a WhatsApp group in the name of 'Army of Mahdi'. These people used to target inter-religious couples.

Used to blackmail by making videos

It is said that the members of this group used to track the girls. A message was sent to the group on locating girls roaming with boys of other religions. These people reached the spot and blackmailed them by making videos of boys and girls.

Police arrested three people

When such a video came to the notice of the police on social media, the action started. The WhatsApp group was investigated. Three group admins have been arrested and the rest of the group members are being searched after questioning.

The video of the month of June surfaced

An officer of Vadodara Police told that the atmosphere should not get spoiled, so we worked to keep an eye on this whole matter through social media and informers. Meanwhile, such a video was found on social media, on investigation of which it became a big disclosure. This video was from the month of June.

According to the police, the members of this group were given tasks. To escape from the police, these people used to run a WhatsApp group only for three to four months. Later a new group was formed on WhatsApp.

New WhatsApp group was running in the name of LASHKAR-E-ADAM

Due to their such antics, the atmosphere of the city could have deteriorated and mob lynching could also have happened. It was also revealed in the investigation that his group was still running under the name of "LASHKAR E ADAM". Police is further investigating the matter and their mobile phones have also been sent for FSL investigation.