China News / Big order from Chinese government - iPhone will not be used, banned in government agencies

Vikrant Shekhawat : Sep 06, 2023, 05:39 PM
China News: Big news is coming from China..The Chinese government has ordered all government employees and government agencies to stop using Apple iPhone for official work. Along with Apple, they have been forbidden to use foreign brands as well. The next series of iPhone phones is to be launched in this event. Apart from this, due to increasing tension between China and America, concern can arise among foreign companies working in China. In view of this tension, Apple has expanded its production in India. Gradually, Apple is trying to integrate itself with China. This is the reason why such a decision has been taken by China.

It has been told that in recent weeks, orders were given by senior officials to their employees not to use Apple iPhone and devices of foreign companies for work. This ban has been imposed before the Apple event next week. .

China is cautious about data security

Apart from Apple, other phone makers were not named in the Wall Street Journal report. Apple and China's State Council Information Office have not given any statement yet. China has become very cautious about data safety in recent years and has implemented new laws and regulations for companies. In May, the Chinese government asked state-owned companies to achieve self-sufficiency in technology. So that America can compete in terms of technology.

Attacks from both sides

The real reason for the tension between the two countries has increased due to the efforts of the US to eliminate China's monopoly from the chip industry and not to allow the components used in the chip to reach China. On the other hand, China has also banned shipments of several important American companies including American aircraft maker Boeing and chip company Micron Technology.

America gave hints last week

During a visit to China last week, US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said that US companies had complained to her that China had become "uninvestable". He said in gestures that American companies are being fined in China. Raids are being conducted and other types of actions are being taken. Due to which doing business in the second largest country of the world has become very risky.

This ban imposed by China is similar to the way the US has imposed on Chinese smartphone maker Huawei and China's short video platform Tiktok. China is one of Apple's biggest markets and from here the company gets about a fifth of its total revenue.