Special / Boy Tries To Impress Gilfirnd With Bike Stunt Goes Wrong Funny Viral Video

Zoom News : Nov 16, 2022, 04:32 PM
Bike Stunt Trending Video: Young boys are often seen performing stunts on the roads and when it comes to impressing a girl, they go to any extent. Nowadays, young boys are also very much impressed by Bollywood movies and think of doing new feats. A young boy thought of doing one such bike stunt so that he could impress his girl friend.

In a funny video going viral on social media, you will see that a boy thought that he would win the girl's heart by doing a bike stunt. However, everything did not go according to plan and the video of the entire incident has gone viral on social media. Bike stunt failing can be seen in the video. In the process of impressing the wood, the boy becomes a puppet.

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amazing insult of the boy

In this funny video going viral, a boy is shown riding a motorcycle and a girl is standing at some distance. The boy tries a dangerous stunt to impress the girl. The boy moves towards the girl by keeping the rear wheel of the bike in the air. The next moment the boy loses his balance and falls down on the ground with a thud from the motorcycle. In this way the boy has to feel ashamed in front of the girl. This video is so funny that you would like to watch it more than once.