Viral News / Boyfriend had put private videos on Gay website, now Girlfriend threatens to send video to Boss

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jul 05, 2021, 04:18 PM
London: There are many films in the world on the relationship between lover and girlfriend. Many poems, songs and books have also been written on the subject of love. At the same time you have also heard about the love of the Love Et first site. Similarly, it is said that true love is just what fate. But after three years, if a boyfriend or girlfriend will be deceived or threatened, then it will be considered in it. This mention herefore the question has been questioned once again on this relationship.

According to the appropriate report in the Sun, this case is surprised in the UK. Here a boyfriend had uploaded some of his videos in a gay website during Lockdown. Suddenly, his girlfriend looked at those videos, he recorded them from there. Now the girlfriend is threatening to send those videos to his boss.

When the troubled lover asked for advice from a love consultant, the matter came out. According to the reports, the lover said, "I am 26 years old and my girlfriends are 24 years old. When he first saw my video, it was disturbed. Before I find them removed from the site, he recorded all the clips on his phone and sent his brothers. I apologize to him and said that he was actually stupidly stupid. '

Now the advisor has advised to combat the situation instead of afraid. Expert said, "Your girlfriend has shared the video without your permission, such a case can run on it. His move is illegal. Anyone's intimate photographs do without sharing or threatening to do so is crime. Explain this thing because if they love you true, then do not do anything in the future so that you have trouble. Even after that they do not understand your problem, it will be right to break your relationship. "