Automatic Ship / Under the captaincy of AI, he went around the world again, crossed the Atlantic and reached Virginia in three weeks

Zoom News : May 01, 2022, 09:07 AM
The fully automated ship, designed as a new robotic incarnation of the famous 17th-century ship Mayflower, has sailed across the Atlantic with the aim of reaching Virginia, USA. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the pilot of the new Mayflower, which came out of Plymouth, UK on Wednesday. The AI ​​will make decisions when it encounters any obstacle regarding the direction of the ship.

Computerized system

  • The captain uses IBM's AI platform computer vision, automation software and Watson technology in his work.
  • Equipped with photographs of the 1 million nautical mile journey, so that other ships, wrecks, bridges, islands or any situation can be assessed or judged by identifying obstacles.
  • The Mayflower Autonomous, a crewless ship built at a cost of $ 13 million
  • The ship is expected to complete the journey in three weeks.
  • In June last year, an attempt to send this ship to America failed due to technical problems.
  • Cost $13 million, built on the lines of the 17th century ship Mayflower.

Marine research

  • If this voyage is successful, the Mayflower will travel around the world for marine research.
  • This automated vessel will collect vital data such as whale populations and the presence of plastic particles in the oceans through microphones and water samples.

Captain AI is also on Twitter

  • The day after the departure, the AI ​​captain tweeted, "We are on our way to floating America."
  • Led by AI Capt. MAS 400 is now passing through international waters to cross the Atlantic Sea.