Lok Sabha Election / Chief Election Commissioner dismissed apprehensions regarding EVM, saying- 'Voters' vote is safe'

Zoom News : Apr 19, 2024, 09:03 PM
Lok Sabha Election: The first phase of voting for the Lok Sabha elections has been completed. On Friday, April 19, voting was completed on a total of 102 Lok Sabha seats in 21 states and union territories of the country. During this election, many parties have raised questions regarding electronic voting machines i.e. EVMs. However, Chief Election Commissioner of India Rajiv Kumar on Friday dismissed all apprehensions related to EVMs. He has said that EVMs are 100 percent safe and voters' votes are also safe.

EVMs are completely safe – Rajeev Kumar

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar dismissed all apprehensions related to EVMs and assured the people that their vote is safe. He said that EVM is completely secure as a large number of technical, administrative and procedural security standards have been adopted in it. The Chief Election Commissioner said that this issue has also been raised in the court. We are waiting for the decision.

Time to enjoy voting

CEC Rajeev Kumar said that nothing can be done in the EVM machine. He said that mock polls have been conducted. Political parties and their candidates are involved at every level. He said that your vote is safe and will be recorded as your vote only. Rajeev Kumar said enjoy voting. This is a time to enjoy voting, not to doubt anything.

Voting kept an eye on

Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar along with other election commissioners Gyanesh Kumar and S S Sandhu were monitoring the progress of voting from the control room set up at the Election Commission headquarters. He has said that despite the rain, people are coming out in large numbers. Women, youth, elderly, all are coming towards the polling stations. Technology has been used to a great extent to ensure voting percentage.