Viral News / China reached the verge of destruction, due to this millions of people may die

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 15, 2021, 04:19 PM
China is responsible for spreading Corona in the whole world, these days is moving towards the penalty of the conspiracy. Indeed, China's Taishing is the threat of Mahatabahi on the city because a nuclear plant of the city has started leaving the radiation of death. Here can be a blast at any time.

A nuclear plant present in China's Guangdong province is risking the devastation. With the news of the leak of the atomic radiation from this nuclear plant, China was trying to attempt to leapati but America has come into action and this fierce negligence of China became exposed.

The radiation from the nuclear plant is being leaked from China's Guangdong province in the city. China has now accepted the point of exiting the outcommest radiation from this plant. Tell that the town town population is close to 10 lakhs. China's nuclear plant can destroy the whole city.

You will be surprised to know that Jinping is full force to save this plant. France has a big hand in preparing this plant of China. For this reason now France is also in the circle of questions.

In such circumstances, when the news of the leak of the Chinese nuclear plant reached the US, the White House stirred. In the US, the period of meetings started in America. Chinese security officials rejected the seriousness of the situation and made help from France and America. For this, the French company has written a letter to the US Department of Energy regarding the radiation leak in China's nuclear plant.

Biden Government has been engaged in study on this report for a week. In the Chinese Nuclear Power Plant, a French company was also a partner and the same company warned about the potential radiological threats due to leakage. Although the situation in the Nuclear Plant is still in control.

It has not been clearly estimated that the current situation and the risk of radiation for the Chinese citizens and the radiation for the Chinese citizens. China with France's company started building a Taishation Plant in 2009.

Electricity production started here in 2018 and 2019. Although the situation is not so dangerous, the matter is quite worrisome. In order to review such circumstances, the US National Security Council is constantly meeting this issue. Apart from this, the Biden administration is sharing the current status report from France's government and Energy Department Experts.

Actually China is fasting a fast power plant in the entire country. To prepare such a plant, China is taking the help of many big companies in the world including France. In the same episode, Framatome company of France remains helpful. According to China's Nuclear Energy Association, 16 nuclear plants in China are currently active. China is making 51 thousand MW power from these nuclear plants.