Telangana Election / Congress played Dalit card before voting in Telangana on the pretext of Kharge.

Zoom News : Nov 29, 2023, 10:18 PM
Telangana Election: Voting will be held on Thursday for 119 assembly seats in Telangana. K Chandrashekhar Rao's (KCR) party BRS is in power in the state. Congress has tried its best to remove him from power. Former party president Rahul Gandhi and general secretary Priyanka Gandhi took the lead. Sonia Gandhi could not go to the state due to ill health, but she made an emotional appeal to the people of Telangana through a video message on Tuesday. Rahul and Priyanka also campaigned a lot.

Meanwhile, Congress has also played the Dalit card. A few hours before voting, a book written on senior Congress leader and President Mallikarjun Kharge was released. Sonia Gandhi launched the book in Delhi on Wednesday. Kharge is the Dalit face of Congress and 15 percent of the population in Telangana is Dalits. Actually, Congress is looking towards Dalit votes to form the government in the state. This could be a big bet for Congress to attract these votes.

Through the book launch, Congress has also given a message to the Dalits of Telangana. The party first made Kharge the president and now just before the voting his book also came out among the public. This will send a message to the Dalit voters of Telangana that the Congress Party is thinking for them and the book has been launched just before the voting. Which will remain fresh in the minds of voters.

Kharge's direct attack on KCR

Mallikarjun Kharge had also made a direct attack on KCR during the election campaign. He accused Rao of failing to fulfill his pre-poll promises. Kharge said that he and his family looted the state in the last 10 years. Kharge had given credit for the formation of Telangana state to Sonia Gandhi. He also accused KCR of living in a farmhouse and not meeting people. This attack by Kharge shows that Congress came against KCR with complete homework and its focus remained on Dalit voters.

Rahul Gandhi also tried his best

Although Congress and Rahul are hoping to win in all the five states, but Rahul Gandhi's long-running strategy regarding Telangana shows that he is trying to fulfill a dream. Before Bharat Jodo Yatra, Congress was scattered in Telangana, most of the leaders had left the party and joined BRS or BJP. The internal survey of Congress itself was showing that Congress was running at number three after BRS and BJP. In such a situation, Rahul Gandhi prepared a special strategy for Telangana.

Rahul told close ones that the then party president Sonia Gandhi had to face many difficulties to create Telangana, the party went to zero in a state like Andhra Pradesh and still could not come to power here for 10 years.

Congress became aggressive. BRS moved in the direction of describing BJP and Owaisi as being on the same plate. It was only on Rahul's insistence that the party's working committee meeting was organized in Telangana instead of any ruling state. He spent maximum time and emphasis on Telangana among the five states. Rahul himself is campaigning in other states, but internally, Mallikarjun Kharge and Priyanka Gandhi handled the day-to-day strategy there. Rahul and Congress know that to some extent they can counter the strength of BJP in North India by stopping BJP from expanding in South India.