Sachin Pilot News / CWC member Sachin Pilot welcomed in Lalsot

Zoom News : Aug 22, 2023, 06:34 PM
Sachin Pilot News: Former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan and CWC member of Congress, Sachin Pilot, while going from Delhi to Tonk for a private program, stopped at Lalsot for some time, during which Congress leaders welcomed Sachin Pilot by garlanding him. Supporters welcomed Sachin Pilot by garlanding him at Delhi Mumbai Expressway Barka Pada toll plaza and raised slogans of Sachin Pilot Zindabad.

While accepting the felicitation of the youth, Sachin Pilot expressed his gratitude. During this, PCC member Kamal Meena, son of the Medical Minister, welcomed Sachin Pilot by garlanding him. Supporters of youth leader Dinesh Meena also stood at the toll plaza with placards to welcome Sachin Pilot. During this, hundreds of supporters including Youth Congress District President Deepak Patel, Naresh Meena, Shyam Singh Meena, Sunil Meena, Rohit Meena, Nathu Lal were present.

Congress has given a big political message by making Sachin Pilot a member of CWC. He has been given a place in the CWC ahead of the assembly elections in Rajasthan later this year.

Pilot is necessary in Rajasthan's politics, message from the high command

By increasing the stature of Pilot, in a way, Kharge has given a message that the party cares about Sachin Pilot despite his important role in Rajasthan politics and not being given the post of Chief Minister. After Pilot joined the Central Committee, additional energy has been infused among Pilot supporters. Due to the absence of rhetoric from the Gehlot camp on the appointment of Sachin Pilot, there are indications of an end to the infighting.

I accept responsibility, we will all work together

Sachin Pilot said – I humbly accept the responsibility given to me in the working committee by Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi. We all will work together. People have hope from Congress today.