MP Election 2023 / 'Digvijay Singh's mill grinded Kamal Nath only' - CM Shivraj Singh's taunt

Zoom News : Oct 27, 2023, 01:02 PM
MP Election 2023: The election season for Madhya Pradesh assembly elections has now intensified. The leaders of Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party are now attacking each other fiercely. Leaders of both the parties are making fierce verbal attacks. Meanwhile, State Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has attacked the leaders of the Congress Party. He said that many mills are running in Congress and they are grinding each other.

Currently, mills are running in Congress- Shivraj Singh

Shivraj Singh said, "At present mills are running in Congress. Kamal Nath says that my mill grinds very finely but this time Digvijay's mill grinded Kamal Nath only. Kamal Nath used to talk about tearing the kurtas of Digvijay and Jaivardhan. But after getting the tickets of all Kamal Nath supporters canceled, Digvijay Singh has now torn Kamal Nath's kurta." He said that Digvijay Singh's mill has now ground Kamal Nath.

Let us tell you that on October 17, the election manifesto was being released in the State Congress office, Bhopal. During this, Kamal Nath jokingly told Digvijay Singh that you will have to face abuses. He said that some people came to me and said that their tickets had been cancelled. I told them that you guys tear the clothes of Digvijay Singh and Jaivardhan Singh.

There was banter between the two leaders

On this, Digvijay Singh said to Kamal Nath in a light manner that whose signatures are there in A Form and B Form, if it is the PCC President, whose clothes should be torn, tell me? The video of this conversation between the two leaders had gone viral. This video was posted by many BJP leaders as a mutual dispute between these two leaders. Now CM Shivraj has once again taken a dig at the Congress party on the basis of this video.