Special / Divorce taken by bride just after the wedding for a reason

Zoom News : Jan 17, 2022, 08:48 PM
Special | Not only India, many amazing incidents of weddings keep coming out from all the countries of the world and they become viral. Sometimes these cases are funny, then after many serious incidents also come to the fore. One such case has come to light from Britain where the bride divorced the groom a day after the wedding. All this happened when the groom committed an act against the bride's wish.

Actually, this incident happened when the bride and groom were having a party on the next day of marriage, during which their relatives were also present there. According to a report in The Mirror, the woman herself has told this entire incident on her social media space. The woman told that her husband had put a cake against her on the day of her marriage which she felt extremely humiliating. So she decided not to live with her husband.

She told that when her cake cutting ceremony was happening the next day after the wedding, she did not want anyone to put any cake on her face. Despite this, her husband held her head and put a cake. The woman kept stopping him but he did not listen. When the woman got angry, there was an argument between the two of them. The matter went so far that the woman took a big step.

Soon after the incident, the woman announced divorce in front of everyone. The woman has told that she made it clear soon after the incident that she would no longer be with her husband. However, it is being said on behalf of her family that she is increasing small talk and she should not break the marriage. But finally the woman made a decision.