Trending / Dog howls as man sings Ranu Mondal's song; video goes viral

The Indian Express : Jan 16, 2020, 04:13 PM

A video of a man singing the Ranu Mondal song Teri Meri Kahaani is going viral because of a dog who howls to his singing.

The Himesh Reshammiya song from the film Happy Hardy and Heer went viral last year, after Ranu Mondal’s rapid rise to fame. In the video that’s being shared on social media, the man is seen singing the song, while playing a harmonium. The doh howls to the son with him and the duet has tickled many.

Sharing the clip on Facebook, user Subir Khan said the dog was named ‘Bagha’ and urged people “not to laugh”. “Aaj sokale ami ar Bagha sangeet-chorcha korlam kichhukhon (Today morning Bagha and I practiced songs for a while),” Khan wrote in his post.

The original post with the video had over 2 million views, and was shared by other animal and meme pages on Facebook.

As the video went viral, Khan said that knew that he was enjoying his 15 minutes of fame thanks to the dog’s talent. However, he still thanked people for sharing the video.

Many thought the video was adorable and some shared stories about their own pets that perform similarly. Some said the dog was a ‘rockstar’, and sought international prizes for the duo.