Lok Sabha Election / EC's advice - do not speak wrong on the Constitution, do not give communal statements...

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 22, 2024, 08:00 PM
Lok Sabha Election: Political parties adopt every trick to win the public in their favor in elections. They give different types of statements in the war of words regarding allegations and counter-allegations. Many times limits are crossed for political gain. The Election Commission has shown strictness regarding this. Both BJP and Congress have been taken to task in the matter of giving statements on caste, language, religion, army and constitution. BJP and Congress presidents have been instructed to issue formal notes to maintain decorum.

The Election Commission has directed the Bharatiya Janata Party and its star campaigners to stay away from campaigning on religious and communal lines. Congress has been asked to ensure that its star campaigners do not make such statements which give the wrong impression that the Constitution of India can be abolished.

Election Commission's instructions to JP Nadda

Star campaigners should not make any statement to divide the society. Otherwise the Commission will impose a ban on campaigning. Controversial statements related to religion should not be made by star campaigners.

Election Commission's instructions to Kharge

The Election Commission has told Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge that the Defense Forces should not be defamed by absurd statements of star campaigners. If this happens then the Commission will take steps to impose restrictions.

‘Do not politicize security forces’

The Election Commission asked the Congress not to politicize the defense forces. Do not make divisive statements regarding the socio-economic composition of the security forces. These instructions have been given on the continuous statements given by Congress regarding Agniveer Yojana. The Commission has said that BJP and its star campaigners should not make such statements which may create division in the society.

‘Issue formal advice to campaigners’

The ECI bluntly said that both the big parties (BJP and Congress) cannot be allowed to dilute the legacy of the electoral experience of the voters. The heads of both the parties should issue formal advice to their respective star campaigners, so that they exercise caution and maintain decorum. The social and cultural fabric of the country cannot be allowed to be damaged.