Election Commission of India / Electronic Voting Machines PIL dismissed by Delhi High Court.

Zoom News : Aug 03, 2021, 07:19 PM

The Supreme Court dismissed the petition for a fee of Rs 10,000 to be deposited with the Delhi State Legal Services Authority within four weeks. The petitioner, a lawyer, had argued that using EVM "endangers democracy" as the machine is vulnerable to hacker attacks.  

On Tuesday, the Delhi Supreme Court rejected a petition calling on the Electoral Commission to end the use of electronic voting machines (EVM). a lawyer.   “The petitioner has not made any specific claims regarding the operation of the EVM. We see no reason to take up the petition, ”said the court.  

The judges also said that C. R. Jaya Sukin, the attorney, had filed a "public interest litigation" based on hearsay and "unsubstantiated allegations and allegations".  The attorney had used four documents in his petition, one of which was in the news. 

"The petitioner read the news and made the order request without looking at the EVM and the operation of the EVM ... which is approved by the Electoral Commission and Parliament," the court said.  The court said Sukin could re-file the matter after investigating and investigating.