Chandra Grahan 2022 / Ends what to do right after grahan and what not to do after lunar eclipse 2022

Zoom News : Nov 08, 2022, 07:35 PM
Chandra Grahan 2022: The longest and last lunar eclipse of the year ends now. This eclipse is completely visible in many parts of India and partially visible in some places. It is also known as Bloodmoon and Supermoon. Astrologers say that for such a lunar eclipse, one will have to wait for 3 years now. Yes, in the year 2025, now such an eclipse will be seen.

In astrology, an eclipse is considered an inauspicious event. During this time, it is forbidden to do many types of work. Along with touching the idol of God, it is forbidden to do all things like eating, drinking, sleeping, cutting hair, cutting nails etc. It is said that during the eclipse period, by sitting at one place, remembering God, chanting mantras and praising them, one gets auspicious results. After the eclipse is over, the person should do some work immediately.

Do this work immediately after the eclipse

After the eclipse, the house is purified. Sprinkle Gangajal in every corner of the house. With this, the effect of the ill effects of eclipse ends.

Take a bath after the eclipse. It removes all kinds of side effects. During this, take a bath by adding Gangajal to the water. Also, wear new and clean clothes.

Tulsi leaves should be consumed by adding water to it.

After taking bath and meditation, Lord Vishnu, Mother Lakshmi, Chandra Dev and Lord Shiva are worshipped. It is believed that this removes the ill effects of lunar eclipse. All the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled. Along with this, it is also said that one also gets rid of the defects associated with Chand Dev.