MP is amazing / Even after drinking two quarters of alcohol, there was no intoxication, the alcoholic wrote a letter to the Home Minister, pleading for justice

Zoom News : May 11, 2022, 04:43 PM
A strange case has come to light in Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh. Here a person has written a letter to the Home Minister for the complaint of adulteration in liquor. The drunkard has accused the contractor of adulteration in alcohol as well as causing financial loss to himself. The man has been drinking alcohol for the last 20 years. The drunkard has written a letter to the Home Minister and Ujjain SP, complaining that he is not intoxicated after drinking two quarters, accusing the contractor of mixing water in liquor and cheating the company with the consumers and has demanded action.

In fact, Lokendra Sothia, a resident of Ujjain, had bought four quarters of country liquor from a liquor shop located in Kshir Sagar area on April 12, after drinking two quarters of which he did not get intoxicated and he feared mixing water in the liquor. So Lokendra reached the liquor shopkeeper and complained, on which the shopkeeper warned him and said that do whatever you do. After the shopkeeper's threat, Lokendra decided to file a complaint.

Lokendra reached the Excise Department with two bottles of liquor and complained that water has been mixed in the liquor. He demanded the officials to check the water in the liquor bottle and take action against the contractor.

Lokendra Sethia says that I want action against the contractor only because what happened to me, it should not happen to any other customer. He said that he has been drinking liquor for the last 20 years, so he came to know about adulteration in it, but this should not happen to those who come to drink it.